Three images: data folders, a spreadsheet, Clinical Research Unit corridor.

Recent Publications
Publications authored or co-authored by CPH personnel.

MIDUS (Mid-Life in the US)
MIDUS respondents travel to the Georgetown University Clinical Research Unit in order to provide biomarkers that will help us better understand the relationship between psychosocial factors and biological health.

Taiwan – Biodemography of Health, Social Factors, and Life Challenge
SEBAS – Social Environment and Biomarkers of Aging Study

Demographic processes, the social environment, and life challenge are intimately interlocked with functional status and illness. The social environment interacts with exposure to challenge to influence physical and mental wellbeing.

Aging Initiative
The National Institute on Aging awarded the Center for Population and Health a five-year grant to support research at Georgetown University on aging and health.

2009 Conference on Reproductive Aging
Hosted by Georgetown University’s Center for Population and Health, some of the leading thinkers in evolutionary biology, demography, and women’s health came and gave talks on their respective fields.